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5 things you may not know about new Manchester City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo

5 things you may not know about new Manchester City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo

5) Used to play as a striker


The Chilean Goalkeeper is easily among the top ten goalkeepers in the world right now. He is quick, agile and has great reactions. All these things tick the box for a striker. Bravo used to play as a striker. He revealed this during his first interview as a Barcelona player. However, Bravo was quick to realise that being a striker was not his best position due to his lack of stamina. He acknowledged that if he wanted to be a star he needed to find another position for himself. He has always wanted to be different. He did not like wearing the same jerseys as other players on the field. Nevertheless, playing as a striker made him good with ball at his feet. He even scored a free kick goal for Real Sociedad.


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